Sensory Pleasure

The series of textile design proposes the alternative way of processing the crepe fabric woven with high-twisted yarn which is called "chirimen" primarily produced for Kimono. Having inspired by the production procedure and the feature of crepe fabric, this way transforms the plain raw fabric into three-dimensional surface by laser-cutting and boiling. Combining newer technology into the traditional material has brought the surface unlike to the existing chirimen fabric. Since the yarn has a protein-based element which is removed by boiling, the warp yarn shrinks by almost 1/3 after the treatment. The cutting pattern and the printed patterns has been well-designed to maximize the fascination of the phenomenon.

This textile design has been developed to discuss how the unused part of chirimen fabric can be treated differently avoiding being wasted. Generally the textile industry produces a lot of waste during the manufacturing process, the chirimen fabric is not the exception - at least 2 yards will be wasted per a roll of the fabric. As this technique does not require large amount of the fabric to achieve it, any small pieces of the fabric can be processed for alternative use.

Textile industry in Japan has been shrank and declined for the aged society having difficulty to work with the younger generation. Each of the regions have specific technique and background - Tango region in north Kyoto for chirimen fabric is in the same situation. The proposed textile design, Sensory Pleasure encourages the disappearing crafts and people working there, making it more recognizable, then creates opportunity to fascinate any generation.


Textile design developmemt


Designed by Shioka Okamoto

Material: chirimen fabric (polyester)

Technique: Laser cutting, printing

Size: varied

Winner, 2022 iF Design Award

Winner, 2020 Red Dot: Design concept

Exhibition ”A Preview Of The Future”

8.10.2020 - 31.1.2021, at Red Dot Design Museum, Singapore

Selected, Exhibition "Talente 2020"

11.3.2020 - 15.3.2020

as a part of the Internationale Handwerksmesse, Munich, DE [online]

Curated toured exhibition ”Arternative Futures” (video below)

31.10.2020 - 27.12.2020, at 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo, JP

8.1.2021 - 10.8.2021, at Horikawa Oike Gallery, Kyoto, JP

10.2.2021 - 12.2.2021, at Kyoto Prefectural Textile and Machinery Metal Promotion Center, Kyoto, JP

Supported by

Usui Orimono Corporation, Kyoto