Roll curtain textile design proposed for the window in the stairwell of Soja Kibiji Bunkakan in Okayama, Japan. The design is inspired by the local scenery of rice fields and light, the glorious moment during mid-summer. Material and color are carefully selected to respect existing condition, without adding figurative expressions nor patterns, aiming to seamlessly connect the inside/outside by layering on the shadows of leaves and the sky. Expecting that this provides sufficient shade while welcoming natural light.

Color is taken from the photos of the local scenery, and these are arranged in accordance with the natural light comes in the space through the window. To see it from inside, the top-right is the most well-lit and the bottom-left is darkest as the window is facing east. Computer simulation model is used to see movement of the natural light.

1/1 prototype and textile sample are made. The colors are printed on linen fabric by screen-printing with stencil of small dots, expect spatial color mix effect. This technique enables to reduce printing area and risk of excess printing ink on the fabric.


Textile design for existing site


Designed and made by Shioka Okamoto

1/1 model

Technique: hand screen-printing

Material: linen fabric

Size: W900mm x L2000mm


Shioka Okamoto Solo Exhibition ”Transform Remains the Same"


at Soja City Kibiji Bunkakan