Series of block printed textiles with natural dyes which is inspired by authentic dyeing method I have experienced in Jaipur, combining Indigo print I have met in the Netherlands. The title of "intence" includes various meaning: the strong visual effect of the dyeing outcome, high concentration of chemical in the printed paste, what is more, the sensational experiences in India - strong natural light, noise, taste and people. The rough printed pattern translates the earthy feel of Indian interior spacial features such as brick texture and holed walls.

Technically, the dark background color is dip-dyed by combination of tannin acid and iron, and the indigo part is printed afterwards. Crinking is effectively structured particularly on thin fabric as the alkaline indigo paste shrink cellulouse fiber. At the same time, white outline is created due to the strong alkaline removing some parts of background, it looks like cracked ice.


dyed textile


Designed by Shioka Okamoto


Group exhibition "Square SOME textile 7"



Group exhibition "Textile in Future Expression JTC”


at Takarazuka Arts Center, Hyogo, JP