Process: play with the site

Tenjinyama Cultural Plaza, a cultural center built in 1962 in the hart of Okayama city, is a masterpiece of modernist architecture by Kunio Mayekawa, a notable Japanese modernist architect. Shioka Okamoto conducted a solo exhibition in the center, and proposed the textile design for a existing space in the venue. Two designs have been proposed and noticing the authenticity of the building throughout ages, one is a proposal for the existing state, and the other is for the original state thinking what would have been there. In this project, it is emphasized that the whole creative processes, starting from researches and sketches, are all equally presentable, hoping that the exhibition and the works act as a great opportunity to discuss the future of modernist architecture on the matter of time and mass seeking to share moment at the site with audiences.


Proposed textile design for existing space


Designed by Shioka Okamoto

1/1 prototype

Material: Polyester/cotton, Dye

Technique: hand screen printing

Length: 3000mm

Exhibition [templa selection vol.90]

Shioka Okamoto Solo Exhibition "Process: play with the site"


at Tenjinyama Cultural Plaza

Special Thanks

Kiyonori Shimada, Tenjinyama Cultural Plaza,

Okayama Prefectural University, Wesco Scientific Promotion Foundation

Hiroshima City Hall, Saitama Hall, Kanagawa Prefectural Library,

International House of Japan, Setagaya Public Hall,

Kumamoto Prefectural Museum of Art, Ishigaki City Hall


Tenjinyama Cultural Plaza