loop / pattern

This group of textile design is based on a knitting technique in which long yarn is structured in loops. Deconstruction is the core of this project. All the pieces were unwound after the dyeing process and re-knitted afterward. The result is dyed gradations with gradual shifts that create unexpected patterns. This way patterns are physically blended into the textile and not just on the surface. For this project, unused discarded yarns were selected to create individual pieces showing a diversity of materials.

Hand knitting machine by BROTHER is used for this project. That kind of machines were invented decades ago and now those are almost out of production, and still loved by designers and knitters all over the world. It is "machine" but requires some experience as it works manually by hand operation. The learning process of the machine was a great part of the creation.


dyed and knitted textile


Designed and made by Shioka Okamoto

Material: various

Technique: machine knitting, dip dye, tie-dye, printing

Winner, 2022 iF Design Award


solo exhibition ”Transform Remains the Same”


at Soja City Kibiji Bunkakan