Inside & Outside

The project revitalizes the spatial atmosphere of Lyngby Stadsbibliotek by making connection between inside and outside. According to the Norwegian architect Christian Norberg-Schulz, “the inside-outside relationship constitutes the very essence of architecture.” The library built in 1968 has an immense glass facade, typical in modernist architecture. The facade is facing the nature view of the Danish countryside. Used textile as a membrane to ease the contradiction of the place by respecting the surrounding environment. This proposed textile design merges the inside and outside with aesthetic features of textile, color and light.​​


Proposed textile design for existing space


Designed by Shioka Okamoto

Thesis project at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts

1/1 model

Material: Polyester/cotton, Dye

Length: 3000mm

Exhibition "Afgang Sommer 2016"


at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts

Special Thanks

Lyngby Stadsbibliotek, Ludvig Svensson, Silent Gliss