Revitalization of the Dorset Library

Contrary to popular belief, not all of around Shoreditch in east London is buzzing with clubs, bars and galleries. There are residential estates with schools just behind the high streets. One of those estates, Dorset Estate is originally designed by Berthold Lubetkin who is one of the important modernist in the UK in 1957. It consists two main residential buildings and a circular building between them. The building was formerly a library, but not any more. Lubetkin's fine proportion also has been lost due to several renovations. The project revitalizes the estate by designing the children's library in new scheme. The new proposal restores the building to its original propose as much as possible. This include a more rational circulation strategy and careful use of space. I hope that the families who is living in the estate will like it and many people come to dwell.


Conceptual interior design for existing site


Designed by Shioka Okamoto

final project at Chelsea College of Arts

Scale of physical models: 1/25, 1/50


"Chelsea College of Arts Summer Show 2014"

30.6-20.8.2014 at Chelsea College of Arts